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06-09-2012, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Calculon View Post
It's one thing to say it while being essentially unemployed and then doing the opposite when resuming work. That's certainly scummy, but it happens all the time. But it's another to say one thing while unemployed, repeat the same sentiment when starting a new job and then doing the exact opposite when the first opportunity presents itself. I mean, yeah, I know he's a lawyer at heart. Doesn't mean he should get away with it. If Feaster never said anything about NTC's when starting out, there wouldn't be a problem here.
how the hell has Feaster done the exact opposite? Christ he has signed 30 contracts since becoming GM, 3 have had any form of NTC and only 1 that we question and you are saying that is handing them out like candy? because that is the complete opposite of not handing them out like candy.

You seem to be taking "don't hand out NTC's like candy" as meaning never give out a NTC.

And we also aren't privy to negotiations, we aren't privy to Feaster's innermost thoughts nor are we privy to advice he received from his management team.

The Flames turned their season around after the Babchuk trade, due in part to his offensive contribution from the point. Feaster may have (I would say he very likely did) have misjudged Babchuk's value, but that doesn't mean he gave out the NTC lightly.

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