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06-09-2012, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Calculon View Post
Off the top of my head;

After becoming the full time GM last year, Feaster, in his season ending press conference would state that he was opposed to NTC/NMC and would be extremely judicious in handing them out (not handing them out like 'candy', I think was the phrase he used). He then proceeds to give three NTC's out, one of which was to Babchuk, a 7th defensmen/PP specialist.

In those same press conferences, he would go on to say how important draft picks were. After already throwing away a 7th on an obviously finished Modin, throws away 5th for Leblond, a player who could have been picked up on waivers a couple of months later.

After trading that 7th for Modin, he would go on to say that he fully plans on getting it pack and that he wanted a pick in every round (2011 draft). Fails on both accounts.

After the stretch run in 2011 failed, he would emphatically state he wouldn't be fooled again. Whoops.

A week before the 2012 deadline, says major changes will be coming. At the deadline, does nothing. Although, granted, ownership may have had a some influence in the the last two points.
Saying he valued draft picks and trading them isn't lying he thought the player was more valuable how is that possibly lying?

I agree he should have moved people at the deadline but other than TKO and Jackman everyone else of value was hurt or had a NTC/NMC who knows if he tried or not.

The NTC ends on the trade deadline next year it was just insurance for Babchuck that he would have a spot next year.

I don't think any are examples of lying.

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