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Originally Posted by esidebill View Post
Technically you can skate on them as long as you don't sharpen them :p At least that's some of the hockey shops I've seen. Anywho, I tried on a pair of Reebok 9Ks and the size 9 was yet again a little too small in the toe. I wish there was seriously a pair of size 9.25's out there.
No you really can't, that's why they use the 'not sharpened' rule. They don't want skates back that anyone has skated on. I've never heard of a hockey shop that would let you return a skate that has been skated on, because they can't legally resell it as a new skate.

Take it from someone who has very odd, very difficult to fit feet. You will never know what really fits your foot well or the best, until you try on a lot of skates. After you try on a few, you might think you have one that fits good. But once you try on a bunch more, you might realize that the first one really didn't and there are much better skates out there for your feet. Kinda a 'you don't know what you don't know' kinda thing, until you've tried on a lot of different brands and models.

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