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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post

Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley is denying reports that the team is looking to shop Rudy Gay.

Keep in mind though that Heisley is a lying, two-faced, unethical sack of crap. He could just as easily turn around tomorrow and ship Gay off for nothing and then shrug his shoulders at the Memphis fans and say "there's nothing else we could do." *******.
Even the way he phrases the denial leaves a lot of wiggle room. They're not "looking" to trade Gay or shopping him, but teams are certainly free to make offers. That's what I get from it anyway.

And remember the Gasol to the Lakers trade? An exact quote:

"Thereís no damn way that anybody is going to trade Pau Gasol,í Heisley said, his voice booming through the telephone. íIím telling you that ainít going to happen. Thatís out the window.í"

Yeah, it was from quite a while before the trade, but the idea that Heisley is a snake and not to be trusted is the take away message here.

Actually I just checked and the quote was from further back then I thought. Point still stands though.

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