Thread: GDT: Offseason moves part 2
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06-09-2012, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by tyflames View Post
What do you think of this deal?
To Flyers:
Jay Bouwmeester
4th round pick

To Flames:
Maxime Talbot
Rights to Matt carle

Is that ov
erpayment by us? I think it is slightly but to get JVR were gonna have to overpay probablY
Personally, I think its unnecessary. We lose Backlund basically to get the 'rights' to Carle. If we traded Bouwmeester, we could use his cap space to just overpay and sign Carle come July, 1st. But I don't think that is wise either, Carle is being massively over hyped due to the lack of quality FA's. Personally, I hope we stay away from Carle, I'd bet money he becomes the next big money overpaid player in the NHL that is seen as a negative asset.

I'm probably the wrong person to ask about this deal, the fan in me gets in the way of being objective about JVR. Others are right, if Gio or Bouw is moved it should be for a #1C or a top 4 dman + prospect. I'd love JVR, but we would need to make a secondary to deal to fill the hole on our backend.

Regarding your proposal, I'd keep it simple. Bouw for JVR straight up, and even then its debatable from the Flames perspective because we are dealing from a position that lacks depth.

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