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06-09-2012, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by FredBrathwaite View Post
My list wasn't a concrete set in stone list. It was just to give some people of an idea of who the blues might want to get. Hell, there are some pretty good guys on the 3rd page with less than 25 points that I'd get like Seidenberg or Tyler Myers, but I think the only 2 good free agent defensemen worth getting are Suter and Garrison, and there are teams out there that are way more financially sound than we are going after them, so I doubt we can get either.

Honestly, we don't need an elite 2 way defensemen. I will take a LHD with at least 20 points and a good positive plus minus. It's not like we can get an all star defensemen anyways. Teams won't be giving those away by any means.

Also, so what if I am the first Blues fan that actually wants Martin? 27 points last year with 5 consecutive years of a positive plus minus. The times I have seen him, he was solid. Instead of rudely laughing at other people's suggestions, why don't you propose a D we should get? Grow up.
I have dude, maybe read my posts and you'll see. As you've told P9, you do have the comprehension skills.

Don't get hung up on stats so much either.

Of the UFA dmen that we could target.

Tier 1: Suter and Garrison

Tier 2: Stuart and Jackman, maybe Allen

I'd prefer if we signed one of the first 4, in that order, and if we can't get them test the trade market.

The trade market is harder to determine who is available, so a lot harder to predict, but Leopold is one of the players that I'd like to target. The only problem is a lot of these moves could be made at the draft before we know anything about the free agents.

A lot depends on what management wants to do with Cole. If he is paired with Pietrangelo, then we need a more defensive oriented partner for Shattenkirk. If Cole is paired with Shattenkirk, then style of play is less of a concern.

We need at a minimum someone who is good in the defensive end and in the transition game.

And that is how you narrow your list, by needs and criteria, not basic stats during one season.

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