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Sorry if this is out of place.

HF's own college hockey guru, <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><b>Oilers Chick</b></a> was kind enough to offer some brief but great insight on some of our college prospects. Since most of you are interested in them as well I figured I'd post what she had to say. I asked about every college prospect the Rangers have with the exception of Ortmeyer, she only responded about the ones she saw.

<b>Hugh Jessiman</b> - I love this kid, and have ever since I first saw in him last season. He's a big kid (6'5/200) who skates extremely well for his size and has some of the terrific hands to go along with it. I have yet to see him play this season (will get to later on), but one thing that he needed to work on from observations of his season last year is his defensive game, which is mediocre to say the least. If his defensive game could become as good as or almost as a good as his offensive game, he'll be a force to be reckoned with.

<b>Kenny Roche</b> - re:11/15 BU vs. Merrimack, Roche was quite impressive. What New York Rangers fans will love about this kid is his sheer strength and excellent passing ability. He protects the puck very well and is difficult to move off the puck, for more on him click <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">here</a>

<b>Chris Holt</b> - He's currently a freshman at Nebraska-Omaha. Prior to coming to NCAA he came from the USNTDP where he was absolutely stellar. He currently splits time with Kris Tebbs and Brian Haaland. While his win W-L-T record is below .500 (2-4-0). He has an excellent Save % of .910 and a GAA of 3.24. The GAA numbers aren't bad considering UNO tends to give up alot of goals. Of what I've seen of him, I'm most impressed with his quick reflexes. He moves extremely well.

<b>Joey Crabb</b> - He's currently in his sophomore year at Colorado College. He's got the makings of becoming a good power forward who's opportunistic and an excellent skater. He currently leads all Tigers in goal with 9 and 2nd on the team in points with 10.

<b>Rob Flynn</b> - I have yet to see Flynn play this season. I'll get a chance to see Harvard play for the first time this season later this week. So here's my observations on what I saw of him last year. He's a real hard nosed, banger type of player. If you love forwards that like to hit and hit hard, then you're gonna love Rob Flynn. He's more of a support kind of player. In NHL terms, he's the perinnial checking/4th liner. Doesn't do much on the score board. He's yet to register a point this season.

<b>Nate Guenin</b> - He's currently in his sophomore year at Ohio State. He currently leads all OSU Dmen in points with 10 (1G, 9A). What I like about Guenin, is the way he's able to support plays as they develop. He's got a great, hard wrist and a real team player. Not afraid to use the body, whether to check or block shots.

<b>Lucas Lawson</b> - He played at Maine and put up terrific numbers in his years, despite having to deal with some offensive consistency problems in his sophomore and (partially) junior years. He's good defensively and has a good work ethic and attitude. However, his biggest problem has been his confidence. He struggled with that at times during his collegiate career and it has impacted his overall play. If his confidence problems surface in his pro career, it could have some serious consequences as far as whether he'll ever end up actually playing up with the NYR.

<b>Nathan Martz</b> - Currently in his final year at UNH, he's a player blessed with great scoring ability. He's a very good skater. He had his best collegiate year to date last season, and is poise to match or top that this season. He reads plays really well too. He curently has 11pts (3G, 8A) for the Wildcats this season.

<b>Chris Potter</b> - A freshman currently at Michigan State. There wasn't much about him that's stood out of what I've seen of him thus far. About the only thing that did was his play along the boards, which is quite good. One other area that did stand out was his skating. Which I found to be rather mediocre. He moves fine as far as north-south is concerned, but his lateral movement could really use some work. He has difficulty with those quick, shifty players (ala Mike Comrie types) who can beat him one-on-one and rather badly at times I might add.

<b>Dominic Moore</b> "(no longer in college but I assume you're familiar with him )" - Yes, I am. He was one of the best goal scorers in the league last season who was a joy to watch and led the ECAC in scoring while at Harvard. What I loved about Moore (and he's actually shown a bit of it with the NYR thus far), is that he's smart and reads play well. In addition he's an excellent skater and passer.

I know there are some here that have great knowledge on these and other prospects, if you could, please post what you know and have seen here because I'm very interested to know what exactly we have in our future!

Have you seen Mike Walsh of Notre Dame?Rangers fifth round pick in 2002.Walsh has five goals and two assists in 11 games.

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