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Originally Posted by Laraque27
Mizral saying that Smyth isn't a first-liner is the most damning comment on the Canucks I have heard yet. . .after all, how far can you expect to go in the playoffs with a second-line center (Morrison) playing first-line, and a third-line center (Sedin) playing second-line?
I'm not sure why you are talking about the Canucks here, as Mizral didn't mention them in his post. Why not debate or disagree with what he says instead of introducing completely unrelated comments? Other posters have said how they rate the Oilers players and that's what the thread is about. What the Canucks players have to do with the Oilers organization is beyond me.

Also, everyone knows that the Canucks have much more pressing needs to address before they attend to what you point out is their lack of a #1 center.

I'd rank Smyth as a #1 line guy on any team in the league.

There are players that due to their age are still capable of getting much better on the Oilers, so it's difficult to rate them. Hemsky as everyone knows has tons of upside, but is he a top line guy this season? Is Comrie a true top line center? or is he really an excellent 2nd line guy on a team with no true #1 guy?

I think Dvorak could end up being a top line player, but he has to prove that.

I'd like the Oilers to pick up a young #1 or #2 defenceman in a Comrie trade... it would make a significant impact on their team.

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