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06-09-2012, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by TrueBlueNorwegian View Post
I have been reading a lot of peoples opinions on this matter and I feel like saying a few words. I dont often post here anymore, but I read these boards every day. And let me just say that I was on board here long before Zucc signed with the Rangers.

What I am really sick of are these Norwegians who ***** and whine about playing in the AHL and how they seem like they think that they are automatically intitled to one way contracts when their ELC's expire. "oh, I want a one way contract" "The AHL is a grarage league" "im not doing another year like this" yada yada yada.
Patrick Thoresen, Mathis Olimb, Jonas HolÝs, and now of all people Zucc are whining back to europe to collect a paycheque. These guys were given opportunities that most Hockeyplayers in the World, let alone in Norway, would die to get.

The only player from Norway in recent years that I felt went about things the right way, was Ole-Kristian Tollefsen. He paid his dues in the AHL before he came up to the bigs with the Blue Jackets. Never complained about anything and just went about his business and worked hard to reach his goals. The only reason he went back to Europe was because his body was a wreck. He played an insanely physical style and he didnt care about protecting himself on the ice. That took its toll on his body and he wanted to take a couple years off and play in a less physically demanding league. I played a littlebit with this guy before he went over to N.A so I know just how tough this guy is. I dont even know how many injuries and surgeries he suffered through while in the WHL, AHL and NHL. Tollefsen is a true warrior and he is a great example for young kids in our country. This guy will be back in the NHL some day for sure!
He did it the right way, just like most other north american hockey players. Pay your dues and you will get your chance if you work hard,. Im not saying that Zucc didnt work hard, he certainly did and he probably deserved a legitimate shot. However i am very disappointed that he got so impatient, whined about not wanting to come back on a two way deal and rushed to sign a contract in that disgusting league they call the KHL. Now thats a true garage league right there.
Norwegian hockey needs players in the NHL, not that bum league KHL.

Some people are probably gonna blast me for this. Fire away, I don't care. This is my sincere opinion.
Agreed on everything, except your view on Tollefsen, but thats another discussion (he is more, almost perfect, for playing that passive defender role on larger rinks, and not that "in your face" you have to play in the NHL IMO).

With that said, Zuke is better than ever and could probably stick around as a 3rd liner/designated PP-Player on this team.

With the free space he will get in the KHL, he would probably tear that league up with some decent line mates. The irony, however, is that with Maurice as his coach in the KHL he will once again have to play a 2-way game to earn his minutes, something he couldnt, or for that matter, wasnt asked to do in his whole career prior to his stint with The Rangers.

GL Mats, I wil always cheer for ya, but I'm dissapointed you wouldnt finnish what you started in the NHL, you were almost there. And 26 year old (when your contract expires) UFA's from the KHL are extremely rare signed to the NHL, so I guess this was your chance.

... oh, and please get yourself a new agent, that Ryman dude is probably the most braindead guy I ever heard talking to the media. When was the last time an agent succssfully whined his client into the line up during media?

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