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06-10-2012, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by EHCler View Post
Well to be honest in the last 10 years the "golden generation" was their problem. None of the multiple coaches managed to actually get them to play together well as a team. Lampard, Gerrard, Beckham and Scholes were/are all amazing players but especially Lampard and Gerrard never played well together (outside that one sad night in Munich). Same goes for Terry, Ferdinand and Campbell all fantastic central defenders but they also never complimented each other well. In addition goalie position filled with below average goalies. No coach till now managed that situation. It is not about fielding the 11 best players but the best team

Might actually be a blessing for England to not have this problem this time. To leave Rio at home is a bold decision, but if you in my eyes correctly want to break up the not working partnership in central defense it was a decision that needed to be made. The Lampard Gerrard issue resolved itself.

If it does not work out the Hogdson will have massive problems.
It is time to install a suitable playingstile and build a team.
For them to change their development and playing style, they would have to admit the English would have to admit they got something wrong, and they have a harder time doing than CCF even when it's obvious.

That comes down to their backasswards player development. They try to develop the same types of players to fit their conservative 4-4-2 that they don't want to give up on because it's part of their backasswards soccer culture. So instead of developing players' technical skills and then letting natural talent separate them like the soccer powers do, England ends up being stuck with all their top talent all being redundant. Then you get players hating each other because of club rivalries and the fact that they are fighting for playing time for the same spot on the NT. They are lucky Joe Hart is around because their next two keepers aren't even EPL quality.

The Eredivise isn't anywhere near the EPL in terms of talent collection but they do such a good job of developing the domestic talent that the NT is usually in better shape than England's.

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