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06-09-2012, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Calculon View Post
Of those 30 contracts, how many were actually eligible to receive them? 10? 15?

Babchuk, as I said, was excessive by any account. He may have been a part of the turnaround, but at the end of the day he was still a bottom pairing defensemen/PP specialist that needed to be protected at even strength. Giving a NTC to a depth defensemen just months after saying the previous management had made a mistake in handing out too many to too many role players, that clauses should be reserved for very special situations or they otherwise prevent managers from doing their job correctly was without a doubt, superfluous. And while the Tanguay and Glencross deals may have resulted in a cheaper cap hits, I'm not in favour of those either. I'd much rather they take an extra 0.5M to 1M in cap space but leave the team the option of trading them in a deal that benefits the club first and foremost.

When Feaster said he would be doing things differently, but then proceeds to that exact same thing Sutter did before him with regard to NTCs, then yes, that qualifies as doing that exact opposite of what he said.
Good post. I agree with you on the NTC thing. It's different with Glencross because he took 6 million less to stay here. I don't think Babchuk had any better offers. I have had two beefs with Feaster. The first is the NTC given to Babchuk. I like the one given to Glencross and was slightly disappointed with the one given to Tanguay (although I liked how he played this year).

The other is prattling on about "intellectual honesty" then not moving our UFA's when this team was clearly not a contender.

That said, I don't hate what he's done so far. I'm kind of taking a wait and see approach at this point. If we go into this year with the same roster, just subbing out Jokinen for Cervenka and Bartschi for Stempniak then I've seen enough. This team is in need of some major changes.

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