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Originally Posted by Zuccarello Awesome View Post
Only an idiot turns down Rick Nash to hold onto Del Zotto or especially a guy who has never played a game in the NHL.

Suggesting to trade Del Zotto acknowledges that he has value. That implies that he's a good player. Suggesting to trade a player doesn't necessarily mean anyone has "given up" on him. Quite the contrary, actually. We know he's good and has the potential to get better since he's so young. That's why his trade value is high. We need a player like Rick Nash more than we need a Del Zotto. Replace DZ with Nash and we're playing the Kings right now, without a shred of doubt.

I can't stand the overreaction on this board. So many of you are too afraid to trade ANYONE. You want to build a 100% home-grown team. It's not realistic. Good asset management requires trading GOOD players to acquire GOOD players that fill a more glaring need. Trading BAD players doesn't get you anything.

Have some balls.
No. Some people understand that a salary cap exists and because of that you need to fill holes with cheap, young, assets.

Trading for Nash would not only empty the system but add 8 million.

Its not realistic.

Especially then trading away draft picks to add another expensive (and garbage player) in Radulov.

Your trade proposals are entertaining and also extremely unrealistic.

They'll *try* to sign Parise. Who is 100x the player Radulov is. And requires zero loss of assets unlike trading for Nash.

Do you closely follow what this club does? What they say? They are not going to mortgage the future because you want to win right now.

Their goal is to win now and sustain winning.

This isn't the mid-late 90s. They're not trading the Amonte, Weight, Zubov, Savard players anymore. So accept it.

When is the last time they traded one of their top prospects? Especially a first round pick?

Jeff Gorton said Miller will compete for a spot in camp this fall. They're not trading him.

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