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06-10-2012, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Rockies94 View Post
Kliz is suggesting the Nuggets trade Ty, Gallo, and AAA for Lebron... I wish

We'd at least have to add in Faried and 1sts
So basically after that we would have what LeBron had Cleveland...nothing, and then he'd walk after his contract was up and then we would have absolutely nothing...great trade trade proposal Kliz

But seriously I can't believe anyone cares about the NBA, its a complete joke. Every year Stern sits down at the beginning of the year and picks about 4 teams he'd be "ok" with winning the championship. These teams are based off a profitability. If you don't believe the NBA is rigged thats fine, but let me throw a few thoughts out there.

1. When David Stern first became commissioner in a press conference he said "I'm going to turn this league into the money making machine it should be." I wish I could find a clip of this but it was said so long ago I can't seem to find one easily. But ever since then the NBA has gone downhill.

2. Referees in this league have gone to prison over rigging games for gambling purposes, only a couple have been caught but I'm sure there are more out there.

3. This year you had 2 "old" teams and 2 teams with megastars on them in the conference finals. Both teams with megastars made the championship. Stern didn't want a finals that featured a bunch of old guys, so the other teams conveniently "won". Name the last NBA champion to not feature at least one megastar. Bet you have to go back pretty far. And over the past 20 years there really haven't been many teams that win that aren't either from a big market or have a few megastars.

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