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06-10-2012, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy66 View Post
Lol I had a no coffee rant.

The article just tipped me over the edge this morning, I realize its not to bad but he has been harping about Quick on his post game shows after the first few games of the playoffs. I may of jumped the gun but I feel very strongly that Quick has not been an issue for the Kings.
In the big picture, you're right, Quick hasn't been the issue... but Bob is right in that particular game, Quick had a rough first 20 minutes and when it's paramount to score the first goal in a game, you can't have a rough first 20 minutes.

Quick does often bounce back with really solid efforts in the next game after a rough outing.

... really though, it wasn't that rough. He allowed 2 goals or less as he has pretty much all playoffs. The Kings should be able to score 3 goals per game. The offense reverting to mid-February form has been the primary problem these last 2 games.

It drives me ****ing batty that NHL hockey is so predictable nowadays depending on who scores first. The game shouldn't be over after the first goal is scored but that's the reality.

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