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06-10-2012, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Ollie Weeks View Post
We've looked pretty much the same since Game 1. The Devils couldn't catch a break the first 2 games, same as us the last 2. The anomaly is Game 3, which we clearly outplayed them. As of now, that one game is what separates the Kings and Devils.

If both teams keep playing the same (well enough to win, supported by good and bad luck), I think we win this. New Jersey needs to go above and beyond playing well enough to win, they need to play well enough to guarantee it, otherwise its a coin toss that still favours us. Of course I'd prefer another Game 3, but as long as we don't regress I think all will be well.
Good post. Quoted for agreement

Last night hurts, though. Still. But if nothing else, it scared off some of the bandwagoners!

The things that make me laugh though are the media and the main boards acting like Brodeur has become the second coming, as if the Devils have momentum somehow, and as if the Kings looking mortal means they doubt themselves. Pfft.

I WILL say I like Brodeur's "I don't give a ****" demeanor, though. I'm happy for him that he's playing happy and carefree. One of the all-time greats right there!

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