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Originally Posted by kihekah19 View Post
As it is not your place to discipline Sinurgy.

After all buxy's continued commitment to trading Yandle is nothing short of insanity.
I have always maintained that a defense for forward swap would be best to get a legitimate threat. Even last year, I would have loved to send Jovo packing, but his injury and contract hurt those chances.

For Yandle, it is also about the money side of things. rt made it clear that we could afford Whitney still. What about Maloney going on record to state that he would like to get Smith extended with a new deal? While it would be nice to presume that Jamison would be willing to add $3 million or so in salary, I just don't see that happening. We could pick up Lombardi or someone like that at C, and as someone said, we'd re-evaluate at the trade deadline. Guess what? We'd still be in the same boat, in which we'd need a top 6 forward. We can re-evaluate, but the same conclusion would be drawn - we have a glut of D-men that can be used to upgrade our forwards.

Looking at the defensemen individually, it is safe to say that our return would be limited (i.e. getting a top 6 forward) for the following D: Morris, Schlemko, Summers, Stone, Rundblad.

Klesla is our only true stay-at-home man with size, so the likelihood of trading him is slim, IMO. That leaves Yandle, OEL, and Gormley as our options for a return.

For OEL, all I can say is that the Norris hype is real, and if the addage is that your best players get more minutes in the playoffs, when the games matter most, then it is clear that our coaching staff believes that OEL is a more trusted player both now and in the future. Plus, we still retain RFA rights for OEL, and have leverage in his next payday.

Sinurgy was and is absolutely correct that Gormley has yet to play in the NHL, and may not even pan out. My argument is that in his draft year, Gormley was viewed as a top 10 pick and slid to us. In Yandle's case, he was passed up 100+ times by organizations. This included having mofre impressive point totals than Gormley. So what gives? The answeris probably as simple as while talent level is probably comparable, scouts felt there were more holes in Yandle's game at the time. Whether that is an aptitude or attitude or both thing, the development curve for Gormley is likely to produce a better player for the future. Yandle has worked on addressing some of the deficiencies in his game, but that doesn't mean he is immune to those.

For an immediate return, with some level of a safety net in Gormley, Yandle is our best option to trade. We could pick up Corvo (whose stats are in the range of Yandle's) for half the cost and be able to accomodate all of our offseason goals, team and budget wise. I don't know if you could say the same by drawing the line in the sand of keeping Yandle...

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