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Originally Posted by Ollie Weeks View Post
Gagne created a couple quality chances, he's not the problem. Brodeur is the problem right now, as I see it. We're doing most things correctly and consistently, but Brodeur and the iron are coming up huge. Keep at it, either the luck swings back our way or we plow ahead and make our own.
Brodeur is not the problem. If Stoll had lifted the puck on the breakaway, it would have been a goal. He kept that **** on the ice.

It's about us not finishing chances, just like the Devils in Games 1 and 2. Sure, Quick was stellar those games, but the Devils were harping about not finishing their chances. Now they are, and we aren't. Simple as that.

This series is ours to lose, and I'm confident we won't lose it. You guys are way too quick to forget the amazing performance we've put on these playoffs, but then again I'm sure people will say I'm too quick to forget the 45 years of futility.

I know it's difficult for some, but look on the bright side for a change. It's fun. I was completely dejected after the loss, but like many people have said, if this series were 2-2 going into the 5th game (like it very well could have been) and we won Game 5, we'd all be ecstatic that the series is 3-2 in our favor and that we're going home to potentially win it.

Start getting worried if it goes to a Game 7. These 2 losses will only make winning the Cup that much sweeter. And remember, like a few have echoed on here, there really isn't momentum in hockey. Each game is a new game.

That being said, despite being "injured," Brown and Richards (along with Kopi) have to step the **** up. Richards has been the most invisible; it's pretty pathetic. Williams has been outstanding. Also, we need to hit more. A LOT more.

GO KINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

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