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11-26-2003, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Ghost # 1

The main point of Comrie to the East is that his game will drop no matter where he goes. Edmonton plays an OPEN style game... Offence is the name of the game in Edmonton, that is their unique quality as an organization in the NHL (which is why I give them so much praise as a club). Comrie may be able to duplicate his stats in the West, I won't say he absolutely cannot, but his game is not typically suited for the East, He would struggle way more to score in the East. He may be able to pot 20 goals, but the value of his addition is not worthy of a top end prospect and a first rounder... Because his game is obviously amplified with the style of game edmonton plays, tremendously different than Montreal, and most of the eastern conference.

For a player to be 24 and of Bure/Samsonov level, i'd do it in a heart beat. But this guy is not franchise material, that is the bottom line. His value is increased for Wetern Conference teams who want him... but his lack of size is a detriment to the game played in the West.
I don't believe its true to say that Comrie's numbers will drop if he's on a different team. The year Comrie scored 33 goals, Edmonton was 2nd in the league behind Colorado in GA. They played an extremely defensive system, in fact they were 21st in GF that season. Comrie also almost single-handedly dragged EDM into the playoffs, with Smyth injured and Carter ice cold.

Last year they played a more open system (9th in Goals For), and Comrie was on pace for 68 points when he was injured. He then rushed back early and played with a large cast on his arm, where his defensive game was exposed. However, I don't think he's as bad defensively as most people here think. It seems many have a short memory, remembering only the second half of last season, forgetting about the year and a half previous where he was a + player.

Comrie maybe small in stature, but he's quite a feisty, chippy player. To say he wouldn't be able to adapt to the eastern conference style of play is a bit of a stretch. Also, the wide-open western conference isn't as wide open as it used to be. Look at teams like Anaheim or Minnesota that play a tight defensive system. The differences in style of play between the conferences has definitely been narrowed.

Comrie may not be a franchise level player, but he is an intriguing talent that isn't too far from Samsonov's level (whom, IMO isn't a franchise player either). An A-level prospect and a 1st isn't too much to ask for a player of Comrie's ilk.

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