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11-26-2003, 10:15 PM
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Originally Posted by York16
That is gold, pal. They're deeper than the Oilers? But... didn't their top line of Naslund, Bertuzzi, and Morrison account for around half their goals? And when that line was shutdown, wasn't the entire team silent, leading to their exit in the playoffs?
If you're going to be talking about the Oilers this season, wouldn't it make sense to talk about the Canucks this year as well?

I would have no trouble saying the Canucks are deeper at the moment than the Oilers, and still feel that's no slight at all towards Edmonton. They are in different stages of development. I would say with this crew, the Oilers are where the Nucks were a couple of years ago.

The Canucks are a better team than last years model, and I think their depth is pretty impressive. When you have players as skilled as Linden and Arvedson on your third line, you've got to be happy. Having said that... the Canucks will be a better team next year just because everyone, and especially the second line will be a year older.

Like a couple of posters here have pointed out, it's kind of early to be judging the stature of players who are expected to learn their rolls on the job. For example, Smyth playing with Thorton right now would be putting up big #s, and I doubt anyone would say he didn't belong there... but since he's playing with guys who haven't reached anywhere near what's expected of them, he doesn't really get that chance to shine. I look at the Oilers in two years, and almost every player (forward), has the chance of developing into the roll he now plays. Hemsky isn't a top line player now, but if he keeps developing, he will be in a year or two. Of course a lot of that is potential and there are hundreds of players who never reach theirs... so guarded optimism is always a safe way of judging ones team.

I've enjoyed reading this thread, as it pretty clear there are many here who know a lot of hockey.


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