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06-10-2012, 04:07 PM
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Adversity and Triumph

IMHO losing last night was the Kings first "Oh ****!" moment in the playoffs so far. There's been some pressure and the need to stay calm and execute at times. Fortuitous plays and a couple lucky bounces have won games. But this is different and everyone knows it, on both sides. The PRESSURE is on.

The lineup should stay exactly the same as the last three games. There is no reason to change up lines or pairings. The system works.

Quick starts and plays every minute because he is the best goalie in the NHL this year, regular season and playoffs.

The 20 Kings on the ice tomorrow night will win or lose the game for the Los Angeles Kings. No one else. Not the coach, not the refs, not the media, not god, not rabbits feet and not the fans The guys need to relax, forget about every game leading to this point, forget about the trophies and rings and parades, forget about being a little kid, forget about their heroes. This is for them. Prepare, focus and perform. Win this one game.

The bottom line is - if the Kings play the best game of their lives they will WIN!!! Period.

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