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06-10-2012, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by onlyalad View Post
At this point losing 4 in a row would almost be as bad as not making the playoffs. Kings have shown they are the best team but if the Devils win out then the Kings will be the biggest choke team ever. And i am including 1942
Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
I disagree. Missing the playoffs would be devastating to the young core. Learning how hard it is to win the Stanley Cup is invaluable. Nobody can really tell you about it, you have to experience it yourself.

Kings will be better moving forward by making the final. Missing the playoffs would have been a lost season.

Kings just need one more win to make everyone move on from the past 45 years of failure. I still believe they will get that win. Losing two in a row isn't going to devastate the team. They still have to lose two more.

Boston had to go to Vancouver to win the cup. Kings still have two game to win one. I wouldn't give NJ an easy game 7 win, if they goes to seven. Kings could just as easily win game 7 in NJ.
Using only what I hi-lighted, I agree with onlyalad. Its the old "Insult to Injury" adage. Like leaving a waitress 2 pennies for a tip versus nothing. Leaving nothing would lump you into the larger d-bag category and would soon be forgotten whereas leaving 2 pennies is not only d-baggery but someone going out of their way to insult you.

IMHO, losing 4 straight in the Finals after being up 3-0 IS probably the lowest you could probably go in Professional Hockey. I cant think of one other scenario worse. Thats one reason why I dont think you'll see it happen to the Kings and thats why its such a rarity. Since the Kings are now *flirting* with that outcome, I honestly think the Pride factor will carry them. And if it doesnt, they were never Champion material to begin with and should lose in dramatic fashion.

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