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Originally Posted by Gwyddbwyll View Post
This is a strange tangent to your argument. Yandle was in prep school hockey hence his lack of exposure (as opposed to Gormley's publicity). He went to the Q immediately following the draft and dominated the league from the start, winning Defenseman of the Year.

So based on a draft that happened 7 years ago you'd consider Yandle to be deficient and yet he accomplished so much immediately afterwards. Nothing about that analysis makes sense.
I can agree with this, and scouting, in general has improved to where fewer players slip through the cracks now. Brian Lee, TJ Oshie, and Matt Niskanen (all 1st round picks from Yandle's draft) went to prep school. That's why I mentioned the aptitude/attitude, maybe that was a reason for sliding in the draft, due to indecision of college or the QJMHL.

There are also players who wind up being late bloomers, which may have been the case with Keith.

It still means that Keith was probably less consistent on a game to game, shift to shift basis. He has improved in that regard, but still has some inconsistencies that make you wonder what he is thinking/doing on certain plays. As rt said, if he regains 2010-11 form, where I thought he did a much better job of playing the man in transition on D, the point may be moot. It's funny how improving your D actually led to his best season offensively. I do think that he expects his offense to carry him through, no matter what he does on D. Which is probably where my issues with him come in. This is probably my opinion, but I would rather have D-men who are focused on D. Then, the offense comes into play. Klesla is a perfect example. He will play great physical D down low, but he had several times where he jumped into the play and was able to get a timely goal, without sacrificing position. I just do not know if Yandle has learned the on/off switch of when to jump in to the play without getting out of position...

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