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06-10-2012, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Tuckerw68 View Post
My diet is very healthy(paleo) i don't eat grains, dairy, or sugars and I have talked to my crossfit coach and looked at much research regarding creatine and all that I have come across considers it healthy and productive for increased strength and endurance.
everyone I know who pushes a low carbohydrate and HIT workout routine have seen great looking results, however when it comes down to performing at a top physical and mental level across 60 minutes of high intensity sports... outside of the gains due to weight loss and increased aerobic conditioning have lost their "peak" strength for any extended duration

just an observation... nobody should be eating twinkies and pounding back redbull... but eating quality lean proteins (hemp hearts lets say), good fats, vegetables, high fiber and complex carbs (like granola or Rye's) is a better and more sustainable diet which is more conducive to providing the fuel required to perform at a top level

whereas, the south beach ultra low carb, protein based diet is used to make metabolic adjustments to cause the body to become more effecient at using glyogen rather than storing it as fat

its just not sustainable to "confuse" your body like that and expect to perform at your highest level

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