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Originally Posted by Mike8
Bouillon's not great down-low, but he's built a whole lot stronger than Streit is. Despite being shorter, he's thicker, and got great balance & low-center of gravity. So he can pin players along the boards. Players that are too big for Bouillon to handle used to dominate him down-low; now Bouillon smartly uses his stick to poke-check to make life a little more difficult for the bigger, stronger forwards.

One aspect where Streit's improved is his anticipation and reaction time. He could not keep up with streaking forwards down the wing for the majority of the season, and I haven't seen him beat to the outside in awhile. If he can continue playing an intelligent game, pinching in and being a threat offensively five on five, and using his speed, then he can be an asset to the team. But he'll always have a small frame and struggle down-low in my opinion.

That said, with the new Montreal team-defense philosophy, there's more support. So while Streit can be out-muscled, so long as he plays a smart game and goes for the puck and not the body, he can be sufficient enough as there will be a forward supporting him down-low.

I don't especially like him paired with Dandenault because they're both not especially strong at eliminating opponents down-low or around the crease. I'm sort of weary about having both of them in the lineup as they should be providing the same elements (good speed, solid in transition, intelligent players -- yes, I do think Dandenault is generally a smart player when used to his strength).
I tend to agree that Dandenault is a smart player but I think that can be attributed with the fact he played at the Detroit school of hockey(MTL seems to be turning into one as well). However, I dont understand why you see "new" team-defense philosophy. I thought that in 2003-2004, Claude Julien implimented one of the most solid systems in the league that allowed us to have a top defense(Bowmann qualified it as top 5 in the east) and proved he was a good student of the game. I understand the players might play smarter individually but the system is still the same that was used and implimented by Julien, only with a few adjustments that suits Gainey and Carbonneau's liking.

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