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06-10-2012, 09:34 PM
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Originally Posted by GarbageGoal View Post
I started holding the refs and the league accountable in 1998 when I stopped going to games, watching the NBA on TV, or buying their merchandise after I realized it was for the most part, rigged. From the officiating, to the draft, to the ridiculous transactions where small market teams are basically bullied and ***** by the elite of the league. The whole thing is a sports entertainment farce. Yes, even the "magical season" of 2008.

As far as all the handshake stuff and the Celtics not being thugs....if KG, Rondo and Pierce (who for all his faults was a man about it and stayed on the court to shake hands) played for a rival like say, the Knicks AND with the caveat that the Celtics were still good enough to be cared about in this town to merit even being posted about here, they'd be vilified in threads like this as much as the Heat are. Fact, not opinion, like the man says. The ultimate problem with the "culture of the league" as you called it is that no one team is particularly likeable (even those choir boys the Spurs are massive floppers who troll for calls) unless you just really, really like the color of the laundry. The NBA "fan" gets what they deserve as long as they complain about the smell from the neighbor's trash cans while never addressing their own rubbish.
You mean the season Danny's buddy Kevin M fleeced his own organization on his way out the door to help out his former team? Celtics sucked for so long the NBA turned a blind eye on that one for sure.

Not sure why Kevin M didn't get another ring for that.

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