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06-10-2012, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by chrisx101 View Post
Good value, however Del Zotto is only a slight upgrade on Gunnarsson and not enough of an incentive to give up Kessel for what basically is an injury prone, 6 year older, higher cap hit Kessel.
I keep seeing Leafs fans saying this. Do you know what the word "slight" means? You bring up the 6 year age difference between Kessel and Gaborik, but the 4 year age difference between Gunnar and MDZ means nothing? Del Zotto has scored more than double the points of Gunnarson this past season while also adding physical play and a greatly improved defense (something of a trend--his defensive game improved a lot last season as well). Not that it's the be all/end all, but Gunnarson was a -9 last season. MDZ was a +20 (tied for 11th in the NHL among defensemen).

As for Gaborik vs. Kessel, they are pretty close to even (I'd give the edge to Gaborik--both players have four 30 goal seasons, but Gaborik has an additional THREE 40+ goal seasons, including two of the last three seasons. Kessel has never crossed that mark. I'd rank them about even because Gaborik is in his prime, whereas Kessel is still getting there).

I get not wanting to trade Kessel for Gabs due to age (since the Leafs are still rebuilding) or injury concern (Gabs has plenty to be concerned about). But in terms of pure value, the Rangers are getting reamed in this trade. Toronto gets the best player in each swap, and it's a hell of a lot more than a "slight" upgrade with the defensemen.

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