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06-10-2012, 10:11 PM
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Then the cap would have gone up 7.4% per year.

If you run the numbers the deal is even more of a slam dunk:

2006-7, the first year of the cap, the cap was $39 million. That is 55.7% of the current reported $70 million cap. And that is only six years. Meaning that the cap has averaged going up 7.4% per year.

If Crosby makes $87 million for the next ten years after his current contract expires next year, by the end of the deal that $8.7 million per year would only be the equivilent of $1.62 million per year in current cap hit, as the cap if it goes up as it has been will have gone up 81.4% by then. He will be 36 then so hardly over the hill. It also should cover his prime years which should be the next six, until age 30, during which time he will become more affordable yearly. Maybe the same 7.4% per year that has been the case so far since the CBA was signed. If so by age 30 he would only be taking $5.48 million per year of comparable cap hit this year.

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