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06-10-2012, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Buffalo87 View Post
This is what I used to think, I was strong against Twitter but it's actually an extremely useful resource. I use it almost exclusively for news and finding information from outlets that I would otherwise never know even existed.

For instance, I have a huge interest in advanced stats and have found dozens of really awesome stats guys that write for different teams across the league that I never would've heard about if it weren't for being linked there from other people on Twitter. That is just one tiny example but Twitter really can be a fantastic resource for things like that. Twitter is also where most news breaks.

For me (and most, I think) it's about that type of stuff much more so than the status update type stuff that you're referring to here.

It's way easier for most news organizations, as well as their reporters, to use twitter to break news. As well as link folks into their website.

Twitter's got one very unique advantage over newspapers and news websites: no editors. You get exactly what the reporter is thinking, seeing, etc. Less chance of a site "agenda-izing" the story.

I followed the Mario Williams signing saga entirely by twitter. It was pretty awesome.

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