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06-10-2012, 11:12 PM
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If I'm one of the upper-echelon teams and had to choose between Gaborik and Kessel, I would probably choose Gaborik, he has been more consistent recently and I feel would give a better chance to win now than Kessel.

If I'm one of the lower teams, I would choose Kessel due to age and still the potential of even better stats possibly with a better center.

Would love to have MDZ on the Leafs, absolutely loved him on the Knights for his short stint there. Problem with him though is it's harder to find room for him. Currently our more offensive minded defensemen include Phaneuf, Liles, Gardiner and Franson. I would rather have Phaneuf over MDZ skill wise. I would rather have MDZ over Franson. Gardiner showed some great potential though, would rather keep him, at least for now. Skill wise and due to potential, I would rather have MDZ than Liles (yes I know, Liles did have a fantastic season before his head injury but I like MDZ) but with that said, Liles is not only our oldest defensemen, he is the oldest player on our team. I would rather keep him for a vet presence. That's Phaneuf that I would rather have playing instead of MDZ and Liles for his vet presence as well. That would leave Gardiner battling it out with MDZ for the 3rd offensive defenseman spot. Since Gardiner could be just as good/better, I don't see it worth giving up the assets to get him even thought I would love to have him. If Liles is shipped out to get a more defensive minded veteran, I would be all for trading for MDZ personally and going with Phaneuf, Gardiner and MDZ as the offensive guys on the back end.

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