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06-11-2012, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by SouthernJ View Post I the only person who thought to tweet a "you don't suck" message to those I have on my list? Seriously, no wonder the guys are losing confidence. It's got to be hard carrying the entire world on your shoulders, at least the hockey world, and then we the fans sit there and tear them apart when they're not perfect. Cripes. To say that X hasn't done enough or Y completely sucks is completely destroying the fact they all played a part in getting this far. Not one single player but as a unit. No one person is costing them anything. So Kopi hasn't been feeling great the past couple games. What's the kid supposed to do? Be perfect forever and ever because Fans A, B, and C demand it? Quick messed up. Yep, he did, and you know he's also saved their collective bacons before. Same with every player mentioned on this post.

I'm not a player, have no coordination whatsoever, and I'm exhausted by the sheer pressure we add to the players' lives. I can't imagine playing so hard for months, on top of regular season, to get so far and have fans basically say you suck because you're not perfect. Again, I say cripes.
So true, A LOT of fans have already seemingly turned their backs on this team!

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