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06-11-2012, 01:05 AM
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Originally Posted by thefifagod View Post
He's been better than expected with the bat. He's what I expected in the field (he's consistently rated an 80 glove on 20-80 scale). You couldn't really run with Rev too much because he was in the 8 spot; the last thing you want him to do is get caught stealing and force the pitcher to lead off the inning after. The truth is Rev isn't a starter and probably won't become. My hope is that he becomes a better version of what Infante was before; utility player who can play so many positions and can get on hot stretches. Chipper is back, the key is getting McCann going. Surprised how much he struggled. And yes, I heard the same thing although we aren't the favorites and I can't imagine us breaking the bank for him.
Our boy infante is still swingin the stic at a .300 level...happy for him but def miss him. Im also surpised with Mac but honestly this team is missing a prototypical #4 hitter...chipper is gone, Mac and Freeman could handle #3, uggla is a great #6, heyward is...there lol we need another big middle of the order bat to really make that offense click. I think Bourn-Prado-Freeman-?-Mac-Uggla-Heyward is a great lineup but that ? is huge

likewise id kill for JJ to figure out how to pitch again lol

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