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04-03-2006, 06:54 PM
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Go do a search at modsquadhockey and you'll pull up a buncha results.

Cutting depends on what stick...sometimes there's a fuse point and if you can find the correct spot, you can buy a tapered blade and stick it in and you will pretty much have a new Synergy. Some sticks require some...guess work to find the right spot to cut. Sticking it in the butt (yeah sounds funny ) supposedly changes the kick point in the stick, but if you do that you can use standard blades-- much more variety of those and they are usually cheaper. And it would be less of a pain in finding the fuse point and less work in chipping out what's left of the blade hosel. I honestly nvr did it, but supposedly if you arn't a real hot shot you probably wouldn't notice the different kick point. And if you want tp extend your stick you can get a wooden butt end to stick in it...they got them up to 6" I believe...but that changes the flex since wood is stiffer and there's less stick to bend. But if you cut it correctly and use a tapered blade you should be ok with the length, shouldn't be much of a change if any. But again, go to the site and run a search.

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