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06-11-2012, 12:44 AM
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Purchasing Tickets on Craigslist

Hey guys.

I found some pretty nice priced tickets on craigslist and got in communication with the guy and asked how he's taking payments for the tickets and asked how I would know the tickets are legit and whatnot.

He responded with this email:

Because they will be transfered from our ticket account, not just emailed over! All we have is Money Pack which is a paypal and ebay company and its safe and secure, but you cannot do it online. You would have to go to a retailer that carries it and there is a flat $4.95 fee if you are interested in that let me know and ill give you stores and instructions on it. There is no paper work and its super simple!

Are there any ticket holders that have ever heard of anything like this? I've never heard of anything but I thought I might get some insight on it since it really would be a sweet deal if true. As of now I'm leaning against the whole idea, just wondering if maybe anyone else has any experience with something like this.

Thanks dudes.

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