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06-11-2012, 02:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
Hossa isn't a passing center. Don't change the goal posts.

I forgot about Savard. He scored 50 once with Savard and 50 once without a passing center. He also had 3 other years where he scored 40+. He didn't need a passing center to make him into a great player.

There are plenty of examples of players that are no longer the same goal scorers in their late 20s. It's not just Kovalchuk. Dany Heatley scored 50 goals twice in his mid 20s and is now averaging 25 goals in his early 30s. Ovechkin isn't the same player at the age of 26. Lecavalier hit 50 at the age of 26 and began his decline at 28.

There's no reason to believe that Nash is going to suddenly evolve into a 50 goal scorer at this stage of his career. Most 50 goal scorers are in their early to mid twenties.
I didn't specify passing center, I'm using that as the example because that's what we have in Philadelphia. Hossa's still a passer. I also didn't say I expected 50 goals. I said I expected 75-85 points, hopefully as high as 90. He'd be the primary scorer on that line, but certainly not the only capable one (like he is now in CLB), so 35g-45a isn't an unreachable goal by any means.
Can't explain Heatley. He did well with Spezza and Alfie no doubt, but disappointed a bit with Thornton in SJ. Do you really expect more than 30-35 goals in a season from him now in MIN? Koivu was also hurt for large chunks this season, doesn't help. Vinny underwent shoulder surgery and wrist surgery the year after he scored 40 last, I certainly think that's hindered him, as well as losing Richards and Boyle, and St. Louis getting a older. Ovi's team is trying to transition to a defensive system that he doesn't fit into at all, and Backstrom missed half the season this year (but was over a point per game player when healthy).

There are usually reasons for these drops offs. You can't just assume that a guy is getting older, so that's why his results drop off. Use Gagne as an example again; we all know how lethal he can still be. He scored 40 twice being centered by Forsberg, dropped off when Forsberg was traded, and his career has been dismantled by injuries. It's not all because he's over 30 now...

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