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11-27-2003, 04:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Face Wash
As a Kings fan I have to laugh at this... First of all, NO ONE HAS BEEN HIT HARDER BY INJURY THAN THE KINGS! <b>NO ONE!!</b> Especially now that Palffy's out for at least a couple games, maybe more.

i know the kings have it just as bad but come on, kariya and forsberg are just as important to the avs as allison and deadmarsh are to the kings.

the avs have already passed a 100 man games lost so far this season.

worrell has yet to play, svatos played a game and 1/2, hahl's gone till march, larsen missed more games than he has played, mcallister is the same.

not sure which kings players have missed games this year but the following avs players have missed a game due to injury so far this season:

kariya, forsberg, selanne, mcallister, foote, larsen, brigley, hahl, svatos, niko, cummins, worrell, and skoula.

13 players, can the kings beat that

btw i know lacroix wont panic, but the situation is worsening by the day, soon the team will go by the colorado bears

it's starting to show on the scoreboard as well with 2 goals in 2 games, which were scored by the remaining top guys. thank god our d is relatively healthy cuz we have little to none depth on d.

avsfan, do u think its a money problem or an ego problem?
A bit of both money and ego. Weimer was making something like 1.6 mill, I don't think the Avs wanted to pay that much more along with Pierre's belief that his prospects can do the job. The more I look at it, Malhotra probably would have been a reach to fill in that third line spot. Not unlike Wazee, I really had to wonder if Pierre wouldn't have taken Malhotra since he had wanted him badly his draft year.

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