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Originally Posted by Achronos19 View Post
Ugghhh sorry bro. I wanna blame my stick for my recent failures but that's dumb. I usually fake shot, backhand, forehand, backhand then up. But the last 3 times I tried I just put the puck wide on my backhand. So annoying. Last breakaway I had I said screw this I'm just shooting. I hit my spot nicely unfortunately the goalie has some ridiculous glove hand and picks it out like aaahhhhhh!

I apologized to some of the guys for my crappy attitude lately and for smashing my stick last week out of frustration. I'm not that kind of guy, but I let my emotions get the better of me that once and have been embarassed about it since.

On the plus side, since I broke both sticks, I went to Sport Chek on the weekend and found 2 Warrior Hitman sticks on sale from $189.99 to $79.99. Luckily they were the curve pattern & flex I like (Draper 85). So I snagged those and fell in love while I was testing it out at warm-up. My wrist shot feels 50% harder and 25% more accurate.

I played a great game last night - no points to show for it, but I was setting a couple guys up left right and centre with some great passes. One thing I'm kicking myself over is that I was on a 2 on 1 with a really, REALLy skilled guy on my team and as we were bearing down on the net, he called for the pass. I WAY over-thought it, wanted to fake out the goalie with a fake-shot and then pass to him, but then my guy yells "shot" and I thought I should shoot, but then decided for the pass and ended up flubbing it anyway.

I just kinda smiled at myself and said "sorry bro" - obviously he didnt care, but the goalie called out to me as I skated around the net, "you had me beat man!" - dang it..with the new Warrior Hitman I picked up I could have roofed that sucker too.

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