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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
They use more traditional materials- leather, nylon, plastics. They only recently rolled out their first composite skate. Those materials are heavier and less responsive than the modern composites and designs that other brands are using.

Pros use the best gear for them regardless of the money- they'll switch to a better stick even if they have a contract with another brand in a heartbeat, for example. Just look at Ovechkin, he broke his CCM contract repeatedly to use both Easton and Bauer sticks. And most guys don't get paid to use gear at all, they just get the stuff paid for by their team. If you're not a star, you don't get the endorsement contract. Graf's different philosophy is to build for fit and durability. Pros don't buy their own gear, so durability isn't a concern, and weight and performance is. A traditionally built skate might perform well enough for most, but it simply can't compete when a player is looking for maximum performance and no other factors.

Graf makes a good product, it's just not one well suited for pros.
You're still not on the right track here.

They dont use leather, its all synthetic. They're the ONLY company that uses a full composite sole on their boot. If you pull a footbed on a G series skate, its fully composite, other brands do not do this. Most of the skates are composite materials on the G series, they just dont look like what you think of as a composite, but they are. And the skates are not that much heavier, certainly not enough to cause a pro to have an issue with them, its just all the gear ****** that really get caught up in grams here and there.

There are reasons why they're not on the feet of a lot of pros and it has very little to do with any kind of ultimate performance advantage that other skates provide.

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