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-Space jockeys are the same as "the engineers"
-Ship is the same TYPE as in Alien but probably isn't the one commandeered by David + that other one unless the space jockey murdered them both upon arrival, because there's a jockey in the seat in Alien - not human.
-Despite pts 1+2 there's no direct link to the xenomorphs in the movie. There is a lot about evolution. The human + space jockey DNA are extremely similar, but obviously can't be the same, just look at them. Clear differences. This is probably why the alien at the end is slightly different as well.
-The reason the only one freaks out and wants to kill the humans is probably a reference to Prometheus. The first one (start of movie) was probably exiled for wanting to create life on Earth. Thus, the one onboard the ship wouldn't have a reason to help the humans. Prometheus was banished from the 'heavens' for similar differences with the titans
-David was of previous design to the "synthetics" of Alien + Aliens where we learn that previous versions are known to be able to harm humans if their primary objective allows for it. People wondering why he decided to go "rogue" probably not aware of this.
-David didn't know what he was doing. "try harder" was probably 'try harder to find one of them' so he was attempting to create one through a human host not realizing what it was. Not a link to previous movies, but something that's bugged the hell out of people nevertheless.
-Weyland corp is the corporation in every Alien movie including Alien vs Predator (which features a man named Weyland and his expedition in the Antarctic. This would pre-date Prometheus even. Interesting, but totally on the creator of that series, not Ridley Scott.)

Just a few things off the top my head

Things I haven't figured out at all, and are probably legitimate faults on the movie:


-Why the guy comes back to life after getting toasted (tho I like the fact that a character went against the usual cliché 'bring him in we gotta save him from something we don't even know how to cure!) and was impossibly strong
-Why Holloway went to work after seeing a worm in his eye? Unless he thought he was seeing things....or was desperate to find the jockey
-Yes...........FATHER (****ING AWFUL)

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