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06-11-2012, 12:00 PM
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OT Any HVAC ppl out there? Some quick advice...

Hopefully the mods will let this stay up since its the summer, and theres not much else to talk about.

My AC unit is having some issues and before a tech comes out here and tells me I need a new flux capacitor for my regina filangee, i wanna make sure what i am being told isn't bogus crap.

Here's the issue. When i turn the AC on, for the first hour or so the unit works perfectly fine, then, the amount of air coming out slowly begins to die...within 3 hours, pretty much nothing is coming out despite the fact that the unit is on. If I leave it off for a few hours, it works fine again, but the cycle continues. a friend of mine says i probably just need a cleaning and some freon...i went up to the roof and used one of those home depot cleaners for AC units, but it didnt seem to make a difference.

Anyone do HVAC who can help me out?


EDIT, just wanted to say, the filter in there is brand new.

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