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06-11-2012, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Cowbell232 View Post
I definitely think that tonight will be the hardest fought game of the series. The Kings are certainly pissed they had two chances to close this bad boy out and haven't been able to do it, and coming back home to LA they are going to be at their peak.

But the Devils aren't laying down about this and they will fight for every little tiny play tonight, because they simply don't have a choice. This is type of game that will completely drain and wear down a player.
The polar opposite can happen with the pressure as well. We are fighting to play another game where we would have a legit shot at winning it all.

Our guys are relaxed and having fun, LA's guys are frustrated and holing themselves in in desperation.

I just see each teams' moves as polar opposites. Which tells me that everyone will be coming back east for game on wed.

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