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06-11-2012, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
Not a fan of Button, but I'm getting sick and tired of people that don't understand what he's doing. It's not a consensus list, it's how he sees the potential of the various players. It has nothing to do with the teams picking or what anyone else might think.

Anyone that actually WATCHES the prospects is going to have a very different list than what the scouting services come up with by consensus. I wouldn't put Thrower in my Top 45 even, Forsberg is not in my Top 10, I would have Aberg in Top 15, etc.

Whatever his evaluation ability might be he usually gives ample reasoning for where he ranks the players and why. He also sees a lot of them play so his opinions are pretty informed.
Oh I know how he does his lists. I also know there's a reason why he's not a GM anymore and why he was a failure of a GM.

Grigorenko that low is ridiculous.

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