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06-11-2012, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by toughfighter83 View Post
it probably is true probably like two or three weeks ago, but i think he's using this as a smoke screen to get the detail done before the draft, it was probably in the works ever since the flyers got knocked out, like carter and richards, he's not going to say anything about the rumors, yeah we are trading jvr and bob and a first, we are getting done asap, you really think he's going to say that? i never heard of any gm confirming a rumor before getting it done, it's hurts the organization and the deal.

homer will do anything to keep media off his back, even if it's not nash, jvr has to be dealt no matter what because of his cap hit and it's the only way the flyers can clear cap to sign or fix the defense, not unless you want giroux or hartnell gone, i would rather have jvr gone than harts or giroux since it's chemistry.

if jvr goes and fans dont like it, theirs the door for ya bye bye. they wont miss you, it just proves how unpassionate flyer fans are to this organization because they think it's easy for the flyers to keep everyone and dont understand it's a business and they have to manage the cap to make this team better or else no playoffs. i would take playoffs over being a fan over one player that can hurt this organization to make this team better, which is why they always make the playoffs.
The forwards were just as bad if not worse then the d-men were in playing defense this season. Defense is a total team effort and the Flyers haven't had that for two seasons now. And JVR doesn't have to go at all even if they do bring in other players.

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