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06-11-2012, 12:50 PM
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Regarding Prometheus:

I thought it was an OK movie but the characters were dumber than the average horror film, which says a lot.

"Hmmm, we're on an alien planet and the air on the surface is toxic... Let's say SCREW SAFETY and take our helmets off once we're in a cave!"

"Hmmm, we're lost in an alien cave and an unidentifiable snake-looking thing shows up... Let me, A SCIENTIST, treat it like it's a harmless puppy!"

"Father..." Just kill me. Speaking of which, was that old man costume intentionally bad?

I was also annoyed that Idris Elba (the captain) only seemed to have one liners... He's a really good actor but didn't get to show it here.

The squid abortion scene was excellent though, it was one of very few tense scenes. The facehugger snake scene wasn't tense because we've all seen Alien and know what happens, and because of how ****ing stupid the character was.

In other news, I just got the first two A Song of Ice And Fire books... 55 bucks.

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