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06-11-2012, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Petey Pucks View Post
why ? because he punched the ground in frustration after getting tackled in the box trying to get to the ball during a scoring chance? last i checked punching the ground isn't against the rules. that's pretty much the only thing he did in the match against spain and I wouldn't even consider it remotely obnoxious. the media and pundits have been really perpetuating his "bad boy" image to the point of absurdity. so much so that anything he does, even small things, are over sensationalized. that plus the fact he is a potential great black striker and at the moment a very good young player in a racist continent doesn't help his cause. as you can see from past tournaments, including this one, europe is trying really hard to crack down on the racism with the anti racism campaigns they are displaying in the tournaments. i'll admit balotelli has his issues but who wouldn't have issues when they are unfairly and overly targeted all the time, especially at a young age of 21 and before that?.....
You just trashed an entire continent to protect Balotelli. Unbelievable. Italy disgraced themselves by even allowing him to play for them. He hasn't done anything to warrant a call-up to the first team. His hype is all about "potential". They should have told him to **** off and play for Ghana.

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