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Originally Posted by Petey Pucks View Post
you're joking lol because you can't be this ignorant.....he hasn't done anything to warrant a call up you say? ummm he is only 21 years old and look at how he plays already. In 59 league appearances for Inter he had 20 goals before the age of 20 and in 40 league appearances for Man City he has 19 goals before the age of 22.

You say Italy disgraced themselves by allowing him to play for them, why is that? Last I checked he was born in Italy and was raised by his Italian adoptive parents. He grew up there and he knows nothing else so why would he play for Ghana? That's not his country.

And please don't tell me I just trashed an entire continent and sweep europe's racism under the rug....umm how many times have we seen an anti racist theme now at a major european football tournament because Euro 2012 is not the first time

Come out from under your rock....are you even from Romania? Have you been to Europe? It's racism all over the continent is very apparent and there is more than one country that is guilty of this...many in fact. Hence the anti racist agenda at another football tourney....
Been to Europe several times. I've been discriminated more in this country (America) than I have there. You make it sound like it's only a problem in Europe.

I watched him at Inter and at City. Stats aside, you can't defend his behavior. Mourinho said he has one brain cell. Completely lost confidence in him, and for good reason. This season at City, Mancini was ready to sell Balotelli after the Kolarov incident. The look on Mancini's face on the sidelines while that whole bust up happened said it all. Let's not forget how he said he would kill anybody who racially abused him outside the the stadiums at the tournament. He's an absolute psychotic.

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