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Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
Grey's is no better than the $1 hotdogs as The Rock (i.e. cheap as you said, and uhhh... really not good), SMAC is tasty and okay to do once, I wouldn't go back though, and I certainly wouldn't recommend a tourist with just 3 or 4 days in NYC go there! The cart on 53rd and 6th I disagree with hugely though. It's not significantly different from the 200 other Halal carts all over NYC. There's nothing special about it, and certainly no better than a Halal cart in Jackson Heights (where the "real" middle eastern food is). If you try to hit that cart once a year, you should just hit any other Halal cart. Some of these places get famous because they were in a movie or TV show, and then they take on a life of their own. Magnolia Bakery is another example (Sex & The City), overrated. And there's a decent cafe in my hood that is still making a healthy living off of all the women who love You've Got Mail.
Idk man, to compare Grey's dogs to the Prudential dogs seems a little off to me. Maybe we're talking about different Grey's? I'm talking about the one in the Village, I don't think that's the one that was in that Chris Rock movie. I've had dogs there for years with their homemade juices & think they're pretty good & kinda unique.

Then again I'm kind of a fan of the nasty, greasy fast food that you'll find on something like that "diners & dives" show or whatever it's called.

Edit: Keep in mind that when I was thinking of places, I wa considering popularity & interest, so I thought a place that's been featured in several movies will be a better conversation piece than a unknown mom & pop's place with perhaps slightly better food. Mainly why I chose touristy places for the well... um, tourists

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