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Originally Posted by Kessly Snipes View Post
So it started a month or so ago. I have always been a fairly good player (A-C division depending on Rink), and fairly good at all sports with golf being my #2. But recently I have just sucked, both hockey and golf have just been garbage.

I was hurt in a bad car accident back in Jan, so I quit hockey for the winter. I assumed I would be rusty at first, but the rust hasn't gone away and is getting worse. It I almost like I am afraid to carry the puck, don't think I can beat anyone, one-on-one, passing the puck to no one, etc. It is also happening in golf, I have played5 of the worst rounds of golf in my life in the past month and a bit. I just have no confidence in my game and what i would naturally do before, just isn't happening. Hell it is even affecting my skating now.

So my question to you guys is, what do you do to get your confidence back. How do you shake that feeling of not having it on the ice (or course in my case too).

It has got the to the point that I don't want to golf and I am not enjoying hockey when I am out there. I even skipped my 2nd game on Sunday.
I've been down this road before. I have an awfully bad habit of over thinking things when I'm playing bad hockey and I end up losing confidence and the things i do well tend to suffer.

One thing I've found is that when I'm struggling, I almost over prepare. I've found a way to get out of a slump sometimes is to actually just show up to the rink a bit later than usual, get on the ice and just play. This forces me to just play natural and not overthink things... A nice bounce helps too.

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