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Originally Posted by BATJAM View Post
Thanks for the vid feebs.

To anyone who watched the Wolves this year, how does Schroeder handle contact?

Because of his size, does he get rocked any harder than others by big hits? Also, do other teams try to key-in on him with more contact/clutching/grabbing, and if so, how does that affect his game? The highlight package showed some solid back-checks and him stripping pucks off forwards. Is this common? How often does he get out-muscled on d-zone coverage? Last question, what about his game keeps him from being productive on the wing?
No problem. =D

I feel he handles contact fairly well for a guy his size. If Raymond is a benchmark, Schroeder is like Crosby, so much stronger on his skates, its not even funny.

But he still gets taken down. He was rocked, i'd estimate 10 or fewer times during the year, but he got up from them and usually drew a penalty from it. I'd say, i am more concerned about Rodin's propensity to get rocked. Schroeder might get hit hard, but when i see Rodin go down, its almost always a close call to injury and very dangerous looking. Likely why he ended the season injured.

I'd say there was one game against the Rampage that stood out to me. Schroeder was having a bit of trouble because they matched Nolan Yonkman up against JS. Yonkman's 6'6" and plays like it. He was mauling him a lot. If clutching and grabbing are back, it could be an issue, but the majority of the time, can't say it's been something to be concerned about in the AHL level. Also, there was once where Schroeder went to go hit him and he knocked Yonkman down to his knees. A rare occurrence but nice to see.

The backchecks are common. If they kept track of TA and GA in the AHL, he most certainly would be on the positive side of that.

He will still get outmuscled at times, but its no more frequent than other players. He protects the puck well along the boards, but usually tries to skate out of trouble or pass the puck quickly enough to avoid a lot of these situations.

Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
There's a shift in the defensive zone in one of the games just prior to the playoffs that really impressed me and I'll try to get it on YouTube.
If you can narrow down the game or team, i could probably upload it. Or do a video strictly on overall play as i think some others marked?

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