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06-11-2012, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by weak5holeguy View Post
What is Reimer worth then? He's more proven then Bernier and has better stats despite playing on a vastly inferior team that can't play a lick of defence. Bernier's value is not of a 11th overall pick, I'd say Ben Bishop probably as more value then Bernier. You're getting a 2nd round pick or a struggling prospect for him right now. I guarantee it.
When did I say anything about Reimer?

Bernier still has the same upside he did when he was drafted in the 1st round and he has already been developed for a few years now. Any team that trades a 1st round pick for Bernier is basically drafting a highly regarded prospect, except they don't have to deal with 5 years of development.

And how does Bishop have more value than Bernier? At the time of the trade, Bishop had actually proven less than Bernier had, he's a year older, and isn't as highly regarded by scouts.

Originally Posted by weak5holeguy View Post
Bull****, Why are Quicks number's so superior to Berniers. This isn't a Halak/Price situation where both showed capable of being a #1G.
If Bernier was playing well he would get more starts. That isn't the case.

2011-12 Los Angeles NHL 16 5 6 2 890 35 383 2.36 .909 1
2010-11 Los Angeles NHL 25 11 8 3 1378 57 652 2.48 .913 3

Hardly great numbers for a supposedly top goalie prospect.
Well, for one, Quick's numbers are better because he's a better goalie. But that's not really a knock on Bernier because Quick is one of the best. Bernier's numbers also suffer because 1) he rarely plays so he can never get into a rhythm (very important for a lot of goalies) and 2) many of his starts were during the time period when the Kings were just awful. Like, Columbus bad.

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