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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
The thing that I think sort of gets mixed up here is that people look at what Staal can get on the opened market and then say, "Well that's what Shero has to pay to keep him." I say false. As a player, you get opened market money when you hit the opened market. That's not as desirable a position for Staal right now as would be signing a brand new deal going into next season. That's ideal. Getting paid opened market money a year early is Staal having his cake and eating it too. If he wants that sort of money, he's going to have to play this season without a contract for next year. That's a huge risk on his part, especially considering Shero would probably be real quick to sign him to a deal in the 5-5.5 range, which as I said before, is a very good, competitive salary for what he brings, and players he is routinely compared to makes about the same.

Staal also doesn't have leverage here. He's not a top 6 center here where we have to sign him or we're doomed. He's a luxury so Shero doesn't have to succumb to his offers. What he can do is trade Staal where ever he sees fit if Jordan doesn't want to sign, and again, that's not even slightly desirable for Staal. He'd rather be here, he has said as much, which is why I think he will take a market deal a year before being a free agent v. riding this year out and getting 6+ million (if he gets that due to the cap tanking).
Shero can't trade him to places he doesn't want to sign because teams aren't going to give us nearly as much for Staal if they don't have the chance to talk to him about signing before making the trade. I think 5.5ish is as low as he goes. I figure 5.5-6 if he signs here. I don't see him going below that. I don't see us going above that.

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